Welcome back gang. Sorry I spazzed about not getting any comments. That was really terrorist of me.

Speaking of! What is up with these fuckin terrorists already, guys??? Can someone show these dudes how to have a good time? They are just BOTHERING everybody like a million Dennis the Menaces at once!

That's right Mr. Wilson! I'd be shaking my head and reading gay porn too if confronted with such madness!

I just wanna be like, "DUDES! Once you taste the sweet nectar of Taco Bell you are not even going to care about the 70 fake virgins you are going to hang out with when you die! Religion is not only totally BORING but it's a ridiculous thing to die for since it's main goal is to marsh your mellow!"

There are no religious laws that are like "Celebrate August 15th as Ultimate God Party Day! Honor God by roasting some weenies and gettin' twisted!" It's all "Don't fuck. Don't eat pork. Don't eat this or that. Or eat this stuff on Fridays. Cover your face, cover your entire body in black cloth. Have a baby and it will be evil so dunk it under water- don't ask me why, but this helps. Apologize forever. Never stop being scared and apologizing. Don't forget to beg for forgiveness. Unless you're gay, then don't even bother. Don't like the other religious folks, those guys think your God's lame. Kill anyone that says you or your God is lame! Your not-at-all-lame God wants you to do this, He told me so, and I wrote it down in a book so it must be true. Don't dance. Don't arouse the senses. Clean your house. Come to God's House. Come to God's House even though there are no snacks & no TV. Please pay to keep God's House decked out in awesome gold. Pimp God's Ride..... etc, etc."

Take these guys...

Weaksauce lifestyle, no light in their hearts, & bad tudes/beards.

Now witness...
+ =

There you go. A gordita of fun. Even their dirty accomodaysh can be forgiven! Go ahead and stay poor- it works for many Americans- just quit harshing the planes, because frankly, the idea of flying naked on a 747 makes my vag itch. Jeez!

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