I'm back, baby! I have ENTERED the building!

Um... right? Anyway- I found this survey I filled out in Nov. 2004 and it kinda made me laugh a little bit. I had totally forgotten about it since I rarely fills those things out...


1)Have you been to any other countries outside of Canada?
the United States? Also England/Ireland/Scotland - I am writing a book about white people!

2)Have you ever been arrested?
No but I have been "talked to" about drinking in public about 4000 times.

3)What's the worst job you ever had?
Pretty much all but the one I have now.

4)Have you ever been video taped doing something regrettable?
Arguably. I mean, I don't give a shit but your wife might.

5)How many jobs do you have now?
Around 3.

6)What's the first movie you remember seeing?
Maybe 'Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo' or Gremlins or Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon? I don't know

7)Do you have siblings?
Half-bro, half-sis.

8)Have you ever been somewhere where there were cops in riot gear?
Like Quebec City to fight the G7? Yeah right. Where cops hang, e.b.Mann stays far away.

9)What did you do to celebrate your 21st b-day?
Pffft, partied hard?

10) Did you keep a favorite toy from when you were a kid?

11) If you could bring back a toy from when you were a kid what would it be?
my dad

12) Did you go to prom?
no I went to atlantic city and won big on the slots instead.

13) What was the last contract you signed?
Nylon Magazine, son!

14) Do you still watch cartoons?
Aqua Teen's pretty great. Simpsons are obviously great. I always forget to watch TV though so, "no"

15) What was the last big show you went to?

16) What languages can you speak?
I would like to use my friend Karl's answer "just english and maybe a little bit of wigger"

17) What is your favorite restaurant?
i don't really care as long as it's clean.

18) How far are you living from your hometown?
0 miles

19) Have you ever gone to a high school reunion?

20) What kind of calendar do you have?
a social one.

21) When was the last time you skipped work?
I don't get paid to skip.

22) When was the last time you took a vacation?
i go to toronto all the time but the last "real" vacation was last NYE when i was in London.

23) What was the last cd you burned?
A mix for the Shipping Department at my work.

24) Did you vote during this last election?
Yes. I had a write in ballot and wrote "TURRDDDSS!!!!" on it. I think I won?

25) Do you have any phobias?
urine smells, bad smells in general, bugs, herbs, herpes

26) Have you ever sold any bodily fluids?
i sold the right to look at my bodily fluids on the internet

27) Have you ever spent the night in the hospital?

28) Do you own any fancy belt buckles?
yeah. freemason things.

29) What's your favorite video game?
some dreamcast stuff. ms pacman: maze madness

30) Can you cook?
fuck yeah.

31) Did O.J. do it?
i hope so

32) Once tattooing and piercing's have passed what outrageous thing do you think do you think the youth of the world will be doing?
Shooting heroin into eyeballs at the mall. I have no idea. Self-amputation? Reading?

33) What band have you seen play the most?
death from above 1979 or Sonic Youth-related

34) Do you own a gun? Do you know how to use one?
Yeah I know how to shoot guns but i don't own any.

35) Do you have a cube, if so what color is it?
i have a double dong, it's neon brown. thanks

36) What's your biggest temptation?
Suicide bombing myself at your house

37) Do you have bumper sticker's on your car, if so what?
don't know how to drive

38) Is your fridge half empty or half full?

39) Now that summer is over what do you wish to be doing next summer?
marrying well.

40) Can you gleak?
i'm stoked I have no idea what that means

41) What kind of chapstick or lip balm do you use?
about 450 different kinds. junior mints flavor or shit from kiehls

42) Do you keep your fortunes from cookies?
I get ALL my advice from food.

43) What was the last thing you created (work doesn't count)?
a worldwide desire for my companionship.

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