My figure is full...of SHIT!!!

I am going bowling tonight the ghetto.

Last night some guy, by way of paying me a compliment , said "I like full figured girls, I can see we are going to get along just fine." I would have cried but like ...I don't get paid to cry. At least, I don't think I do? I'll ask my supervisor on Monday.

I came home this morning and the kids from this entry were sitting on my front lawn giving away kittens from a cat that doesn't belong to them. They asked if I wanted one and i said no but if you are in Toronto and want a cute grey stripey wee kitty please email me before my Mexican neighbors bar-b-que them. I swear. Non-stop grillin things from dusk till dawn. And vice-versa. 15 more people just moved into their house- so they built a balcony. Awesome!

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