Weekly recap.

First off, I quit my job on Tuesday. That pretty much set the 'shinkansen of awesome' in motion. All aboard.

Wednesday Sandra and I attempted to go see Man Man down in Chinatown but there were SO MANY people standing around it started to seem pretty hopeless. We busted out and went to Pianos. I was hoping my friend Zach would be working that night but he is in Spain, whoops. We chugged our drinks before anyone might talk to us (yeah right) and headed to Daddy's where Jeff had informed me there was a party for J.Penry's engagement! I am so effing happy for him. It's always rad to hear news of this nature, you know? I was shocked to run into this dude Drew I know from Philly at Daddys. I had *just* been talking about him outside that Man Man thing, saying how he had some "early McCartney" vibes.

Thursday night was a little party at Circa Now on 6th St where Lisa now works. It was in honor of her hiring and, naturally, her beauty. Cheese, brews and booze were consumed and then it was time to conduct a series of studies like "Is it time yet to make out with the dog?" and "Okay, if not the dog, then maybe Lisa?" FYI there wasn't any tongue action till we got to Motor City. Deirdre was there but her life had recently taken a turn for the INCREDIBLY LAME so we just smoked outside and hugged mainly, while Mike chatted with her friend Amy from Chicago. I'd like to say I remember more but I don't.

Friday at work I helped Ted write a new 'Rowdy P's' commercial for summer. He recorded it and sent me the MP3 before I cut out of there for the day and I cracked up because I'm like "see, THIS is why I am the best employee ever. Hella not caring about wealth management." Plus it ruled. Friday night is for amateurs so we stayed in and watched Deadwood.

Saturday night was Tim's party. Finally - something local! I was super eager for it, living around the corner and all, and started drinking Miller High Life at 7 as I waited for the signal and put the finishing touches on my lime cookies. Many many rad folks followed, but as the first guests, Mike and I caught Tim shirtless and recently showered. Score!

Later that eve, when my friend Jeff told me a certain untoward anecdote about an extremely recent transgression in a car on Coney Island's famed Wonderwheel, I was reminded of one of my own (anecdote that is, not transgression), albeit passed down from my mom. That ride, an overgrown ferris wheel with swinging cars, occasionally sends you flying sensationally over the women's washrooms, and it was at this point in the wheel's cycle I was always the most terrified. An early student of irony (and let's go ahead and say pessimism) I was confident that it was at this moment when my car would disengage and I would meet my maker halfway between the tampon machine and the hand dryer. Head all rolling across the indeterminably wet floor, finally stopping between some teenager's L.A. Gears. Hell, now I'm feeling rather AMOROUS. You?

Anyway, at the end of the night, me, Sandra, Mike and Trevor came back to our place and listened to mass raps, as "mass raps" were the only thing missing from Tim's party really and that ain't a judgement call- I'm juss sayin.

Sunday was another one for the Guinness Book of Awesome. We went out to Staten Island to visit Graham Smith because he doesn't leave the island much. (At least not when he's on a home recording roll that will result in the greatest American album of all times (author's opinion))

I had forgotten the thing I had meant to bring him and he had forgotten to be a dick about it so it was alright. After being sufficiently blown away by Graham's inexhaustable supply of genius, Mike and I went to check out the Fleet Week boats. We were too late but Mike fed the cops all this stuff about coming "all the way from QUEENS" and they let us wander around. In part of the facility there is a room where sailors can check their MySpace profiles on a number of MacBooks and G5s. As we crossed paths with another group of visitors we overheard the following,
Dude 1: They got Apple Computers in there!
Dude 2: Yo- that Apple shit is hot.

Afterwards, we busted to Boerum Hill to attend a largely Canadian BBQ at the behest of our friend Joanie. It was really nice to catch up and drink brews in a gorgeous yard despite my feeling like I was being eaten alive by bugs (I wasn't- it was just the D.T's, you know?)

After this multi-borough day, even a certified partywolf gets tired. Got caught in the rain on Queens Blvd. I ran most of the way home- which for me is major, but not for Mr. 5K on the daily. I doubt he was even out of breath. Watched some more Deadwood. My favorite episode, where Wild Bill has his final talk with Alma and tells her to get the fuck outta dodge essentially. "I had this same talk with your husband and told him to leave camp to avoid a dark result, but I didn't say it in thunder. M'am- listen to the thunder."

And now it's Monday and we're supposed to have a beach party, but doggone it if it doesn't look rained out. Alright. I think I have blogged hard enough for now; and you would have a tendency to agree.

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