A Shalom to Arms!

Hey guys- do you ever feel like 2007 is pretty late to have computers still be such pieces of unreliable fucking garbage? I do.

Anyway- here goes my weekend. Take two.
So my weekend was pretty flush with awesome events and activities that I will now describe to you. I feel like Cory Kennedy (but older, and more frequently subjected to showers.) So Friday night was the disastrous, but ultimately epic surprise party to celebrate the end of Ted’s week of torture at the hands of Jeff Jensen and Doug Pressman. We all very much laughed. Well everyone except Ted I guess. He’ll be fine though. Right? I’ll put some pictures of that on flickr later.

Saturday night was The Jewish show at Don Pedro’s and it ruled so hard! American hits for Americans of all sizes to enjoy! Lisa came with Mike’n’me but felt like she was going to barf (unrelated to The Jewish’s performance, mind you) and thus left. Burn on us! Little Sandra came and met us and our valiant efforts to attend some party in Bushwick fell short and instead we grabbed some margaritas at Daddy’s. (No way!)

Sunday I got up nice and early (before 10, all) and walked to Brooklyn where I was to meet my mom for our Fred Flare mother-daughter fashion shoot. It was really awesome and we got lots of goodies. After that, there was barely time for some delish gelato before I had to get my ass up to Central Park to shoot a “short film” with Lisa and Pauly.

It took forever to find them because there was some Israeli parade going on and finding ourselves in a maelstrom of Chosen People made it pretty hard to shoot a film where Lisa and I both use the word “fuck” a lot, and I have a LOT to say about tampons. Oh well- we made it through. After we wrapped (and also rapped), and were sufficiently frozen to the bone- I busted to my mom’s house and waited for Mike so we could all enjoy our Sunday tradition of Chinese food and Sopranos. I can’t tell which was more satisfying, ask General Tso.

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