So much desperation in my voice....

Here is the email I just sent to Beth in Windsor from her house in Toronto. No. I didn't break in.

Everything's cool. One of yr fish died ... in that tank with the seperator.. it appears he broke his back.. he was barely flopping around earlier... all broken-backed and shit... but I thought maybe he just had a cramp from eating candy and then not waiting 20 minutes before swimming.. but no. he is dead.

The rabbits are very much alive. Felix even did me the honour of humping my leg tonight. Girl bunny just tried to eat my sock. Ashley tried to run away down the hallway but I gave her $10 and she shut up and came back inside.

It is 6 am and I have returned from an evening of galavanting and bowling with teammates and was all stoked to use premiere on your computer to make everyone the world's best present- a hi-fi (content deleted to preserve the surprise for future viewers) video. I captured all the shit and saved my clips but then wanted to restart to turn off virtual memory...

This is when I realized a nigga's got her OS password-protected like a fag. I cried. You don't have to tell me the password.

But if you want to see your cats alive again you will tell me. I'd call Kaysie's but a) the number is at my house and b) it is 6am and I am trying to anally rape your computer so...


DAMN!! holla back.

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