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joseph x. burke - 2002-11-17 01:28:23
yeah! delete it! show that diary who's the fucking boss! give it some DANZA.
alextween - 2002-11-17 04:30:30 this a lifter puller song? my favorite line: "why must I wake to 'Win Ben Steins Money'?"
Pix - 2002-11-17 14:16:06
Don't delete it! It speaks to the soul of young america - the self-indulgent internal torture...or is it the self-torturing external indulgence... hahaha. Its fuunny. I like the stab, stab, stab part.
Mistaike - 2002-11-18 12:44:17
do you get dex on real or forged prescription? stilettos=hot. keep the poem!
eBeth - 2002-11-18 14:47:11
it's a real scrip. it just happens not to belong to me.
cluzia - 2002-11-20 12:51:54
sounds like gay sex to me. Or masterbation per a giant novelty pencil. But what doesn't these days?
spindlz - 2002-11-20 20:49:58
Once my grandma gave me a giant novelty pencil. I like your poem. Especially the stabbing part.
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