Oh diary dude, why are you such a burden on me? Can't I just party non-stop with pals, publishers and pop stars and not have to tell you all about it in the form of elaborate pictorial essays that no one really cares about anyway? No? Fine. I'm backled up though. This is a fact. No more parties till Spring! Here goes!

Okay so like... the weekend before last, Derrick Beckles showed up with Gavin McInnes, followed by Don Cash (mysteriously not pictured), followed by Brie and some lads. And award-winning Canadian artiste Jen Murphy. Good times ensued! Blah blah blah. I hope these pics don't hurt Mikey's law career or my future career as Pampered Housewife / Esteemed Can-American Philanthropist.

Gavin, Derrick, Mikey

Ryan and his bib. In case he spits up.

Jen really can't be photographed hanging with low-lifes so we both shielded our faces. Or rather, Jen shielded her face, I exposed my hands, and used my face as a backdrop. My hands are available for rent if you work for Palmolive or Tiffany's- but not if you require an HJ. Sorry.

Beckles and Mikey. Parkdale carnage!

Me and Gavin

Oh yeah! I almost forgot that FASHION COUPLE Dennis and Claire came over and I yapped all 4 of their ears off!


Jesse and Ryan. Those are these dudes names right?

Jen and I were pushing the 'maniac envelope' - all rappin about theft and hijinks, then she pounced on a sleeping Jesse, and it was comical to all.

More fun and tricks soon! Mazarin and The Walkmen played Toronto, then came over to our house for our now-legendary brand of not-entirely-substance-based FUN HAVING! CAN YOU DIG IT???? I MOST CERTAINLY CAN!!!

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