Happy Birthday Katie!

So...we all piled into the clown car, hung around Le Maison de Keeler and then it was fresh-fresh-freshen up to hang out with more homeless people at Michael's Bar and Restaurant on Queen West!

Dennis was sick and refused to drink. Some guy tried to buy Cheryl. A bleach blonde drunk girl tried to fight a black haired drunk girl.

ding ding. Round Two.

Drunk homeless people LOVE to have their picture taken!! I took a few shots of this one chap who looked like Rodney Dangerfield. In one photo he is even hoisting his glass of merlot to Dennis' lips. Priceless!

Our team decided to go to Hot Times but not before a 56yr old man from Halifax sang Katie 'Happy Birthday' and did the funky chicken on the street. Oh and he tried to give Katie $5, saying "No!!! Take it! Listen- I'm from Halifax!"

Are we having fun yet? No? Didn't think so. Here is a conversation from this morning.

Me: What time did you get home last night?
Dale: Around 11:30...did you go to Hot Times?
Me: Yeah. Oh my God... I saw XXXXXX and I was talking to XXXXX and was like yo, XXXXX is here! and THEN! So later, ... (edited for content, length, and amount of boredom inspired in the average reader)
Dale: Wow. Was XXXXXXX there?
Me: No, thank god. But yo, I talked to Hannah from Much Music. She's super cool.
Dale: Yeah?
Me: Oh and Amanda Walsh from Much Music was there too.


Dale: Was Ed the Sock there?
Me: Yeah, but his owner wasn't so he was just lying on the floor.

Canadian humour!!!!! You love it!

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