Let's go together, stay gone forever

Okay motherfuckers- change of tone from the last entry, I'm through feeling sorry for myself- it's your turn.

Here, why not answer this multiple choice question to determine how well you really know me -

(a): she stayed in bed till like 2pm, took a bath and freaked out about something retarded

(b): she got up really early and cleaned the house in a manic display of retardity, then went to the gym, then cried

(c): who cares when she got up, she drank heavily and made out with a Hilton

(d): some, but not all of the above.

Okay people, if you guessed "(e): Created a slammin portfolio, scored a design gig with Fred Flare, took a nap and then partied with Pharell Williams" -you are all kinds of psychic because that is exactly what I did.

Cristi's pal from Wisconsin is the drum tech for N.E.R.D. so we got to freeze to death in the SHANTIEST BACKSTAGE AREA EVER, but like I said- Pharell Williams. Free beer. Skate ramp. Pictures later.


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