You're the Good Things

Today was such a friggin bomb day. Please refer to the last entry first if you missed it. It was the best piece of writing I have done since I wrote that jingle for Kids R Us.

Anyway, yeah. I got up and went to work- this included a veggie sub from Subway, some cigarettes and reading Kitty's side-splitting diary - came home and patted the sweet soft ears of my new bunny. He is so big and warm and great. I finally yelled at the neighborhood kids for coming into my yard and trying to mess with him. I was trying not to care but like...they are making him scared of people by being so spastic and I am just worried they will scare Duke into traffic and then i will have to go to jail for having murdered 7 children under the age of 12.

Talked to Maggie and Dennis online. Ate my favorite sandwich. Went to meet Dennis and Jesse (and Sebastien!) but i was way early so I sat on top of a box and listened to an older man play Appalacian mountain/ jug band songs for uncaring masses. He was so great. I gave him $3 when Jesse pulled up.

We went to Alto Basso and I (re)met the cutest boy ever. I ordered drinks that were way too expensive for my budget but then i got some for free so it worked out. The DJ dudes couldn't adjust the deafening volume so we left and the boy shook my hand. I could have vomited... but that is so '98.

Drove around. Dennis got jerk chicken or something. We read these great Caribbean newspapers and stopped by Q Bar. Talked about hair and underwear for way longer than is socially acceptable for heterosexuals then we went home.

I immediately ran to the yard and tried to find Duke. He roams free you know and it is pitch black out there so it took me a while but I found him and we cuddled.

Now maybe I can go to sleep and dream about some boy who is out of my league (they all are apparently) and a boy bunny who just loves to eat out of my hand .

Oh yeah. Then I ate my favorite sandwich AGAIN. Fuck yeah.

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