Snakes on the Internet

Man. I can't believe people are actually seeing that snake movie. Folks love a hype machine- it's true. That's why being a publicist can be the most hilariously rewarding job. Someone is sitting back right now going "Holy shit- I've basically got all of North America saying "I've had it with these mutherfucking snakes!" (or whatever)"

It's kinda like that time in America where everybody thought they were the only people who had heard of Dave Chappelle and were all "I'm Rick James, bitch!" like we all hadn't just seen it last night.

Anyway- I didn't come here to talk about media coups or snakes or seasonal catch phrases. I came here to talk about my YARD SALE.

If you live in the Toronto area and want to buy some furniture, kitchen doodads, clothes, shoes, books, old polaroid cameras and more- you should come by my house this Saturday, September 2nd between 9-3:30! (We changed the date due to possible RAIN!)

If you know where I live, you obviously know how to have a good time. But if you don't- email me at microbro AT and I will tell you.


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