Stop that! You're killin me!

If you were wondering 'where is eBeth's internet presence???" yesterday- well it was vomiting a lot. 12 vomits in 11 hours! Party on, Wayne! Party on, Garth!

And no, I was not "hungover" as many non-drinkers (i imagine) wrongfully assumed. It was the Norwalk virus and if you live in Toronto- you are probably going to get it so hold tight and stock up on toilet paper. My vomiting waas described by 2 people as being "very violent." ... I'm just sayin'

It has run its course for me (fun tip: with so many strains of Norwalk around, getting it once in no way means you will not get it again.. and again!!) but i am smellier for the ride. I do however wish i was one of those people who weigh themselves. Then I'd know how much weight I'd lost.

Today I am going to Lysol some surfaces, attempt to clean my room for the 30th time this week then go read at Robarts or some such. I already brushed and flossed today! Now add that to the bath i am about to take and you have a trifecta that occurs less frequently than the Hale Bopp. Any takers?

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