I gotta have them!

Just to get a bit of a theme week happening here is another "IM Conversation as Diary Entry". This time with my friend Scott.

fevrier records: scott, what do I want for christmas?

ghoulsurgery: jeez, good question!

ghoulsurgery: what do i want!

fevrier records: you want a palm pilot and I want a sweatshop in Laos.

ghoulsurgery: i want jesus riding on 15 slaves

fevrier records: i would really like my own brand of whiskey.

fevrier records: my mom is asking

ghoulsurgery: my mom asked me today too

ghoulsurgery: i just want records. i'm easy

fevrier records: i'm easy too but I wasn't asking you about that

fevrier records: I like books and money

fevrier records: and gadgets, and food i can't get in canada

fevrier records: like "corn pops"

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