Alright so tonight was on some next level gay shit.

Saturday night. New York City. 23 years old with no rent to pay, hash that my cousin just dropped off (thanks Mr. Cutty) and my hot plan is to watch TV alone. Finally at quarter to 1am my MOM calls and is like "Come to this bar WE'RE chillin at" and that's when I get up and leave.


Also I don't know if watching 8 consecutive episodes of Chapelle's Show made me ornery or I was just high as a muthafuck because I proceeded to get in a fight on 8th avenue with some yuppies that were tryin to GET BOLD.

Okay so here you see me standing in front of a garbage can trying to hail a cab but failing because it's a saturday night in my "cool" neighborhood and fuckees abound.

You can see I've indicated some fuckees off to my left, and behind me, mumbling about interest rates no doubt- is some yuppie gaggle that obviously wants a cab as well but doesn't know how to go about politely screwing me. So I make eye contact with them to establish that they KNOW I am waiting to hail a cab- not just hanging till Tyroyce gets back with my STUFF.

So anyway, wait wait wait... the fuckees down the street get a cab and then- AND THEN the yuppie gaggle proceeds to sneak behind my back and re-emerge like 15 ft away in FRONT of me, cutting me off.

I wasn't even TRYIN to hear that. Though under normal circumstances I am trying to effectively hear that. This is what I'm trying to tell you. The next thing I know I am all flailing arms screaming, "YOU'RE LUCKY I'M CANADIAN!!!! .... FUCKING ASSHOLES!!!" and they all playing like they deaf now. I stomped off to 7th Ave and hailed a cab there. To meet my mom.

Holy shit diary pals- move to New York City. Your life can be as totally useless as mine and you can become a crazy person that screams at complete strangers and runs an eBay business out of your mom's living room. WICKED!!!!!!!!!

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