the test i just can't fail.

05 October 2001

So I am at work today. It's Friday it's raining, i look like a junkie and I am performing a test. Today's test is to see whether I can stay here for 5 hours and not do ANY work AT ALL. Like usually my work involves sending a couple faxes, doing up a database or correcting one, assembling press clippings, touching up a release and talking to my pals on IM and getting phone calls. Today, I'm going to see if I can lighten my workload down to: IMing with pals, placing and receiving phone calls and doodling in my notebook. If I can do that the entire day, I will only half-regret coming in today.

On the way to work, I thought of something I wanted to say here, in between my grumbling about leaving my cozy bed and um... someone in it (whoo!) and buying my bagel and tea...and that thing was a list of punchlines to any joke that will always make me laugh:

1. Accenture

2. The Push Kings

3. Well I forgot 3 by the time I remembered 'Accenture' and have been crazed ever since. If I think of it later I'll put it here.. if not, not.

So yeah. The best part of last night was when Justin and I went over to Craig's and got all stoned and made dumb jokes and I think I almost made Justin pee his pants. What was not cool is when I smacked my head on the ceiling coming in from Craig's balcony and everyone laughed at me. Justin made me and Craig promise that our band would havea song called "1,2,3 Get Proctal!" and I could be down with that.

Back to fucking off.

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