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Friday, August 3, 2001
<08:58 p.m.>

So I'm at work right now. It's 9pm on a Friday night and as far as I can tell I am the only person in this huge floor of conference rooms, cubicles and fly computers. Wait a second. Why the hell did I just say 'fly'? FLY? I think I have been reading too many ads today. But here's the thing... I think I'm really turned on by office spaces when they're empty. I've turned up the Destiny's Child mp3s really loud, unplugged the headphones and part of me really wants to start dancing and lipsyncing on my desk. Now, I just took a little look around and there is a video camera about 25 feet from me... I have no idea where it's pointing or even if it's real. And I am asking myself whether I care... or if it would be even hotter if I were being videotaped.. but I'd want to watch it... so much better than Speaker's Corner...Damn! I wish I had some rollerskates here. Okay, so in other news NOT related to me wanting to get it on at my work...

ALLISON IS BACK FROM ALBERTA. That probably means nothing to any of you but Allison is the human incarnation of 'bomb diggity' and she is back from a horrible grueling summer of planting trees for our country! She discovered oil in Alberta too! Dollas! Anyway, the weird bit is, yesterday I'm standing in my yard and I just said to myself 'Allison's back' So today when she called I told her what I had felt the day before and she was all 'DUDE! I got back yesterday!" So yeah, I'm your basic Miss Cleo. I think we are getting together tonight. Yay!!

Crap. I just heard some 'stirring' I think I am not alone in the office. whoops! I'll feel mad nerdy if someone saw me rockin to DC in my cubicle and poking my stupid head up like a gopher to peep the videocam. Whatever, they are weird for not making their presence known. I may have to strip for them. Oh lord.

Which is better, 'Bugaboo' or 'Survivor' ? 'Independant Woman' or 'Jumpin, Jumpin'? Who can say?

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