Afterparty in the woods

After all that partying with the Peoples Republic of Canada it was time to hide out in a Hamptons wildlife refuge with my mom.

We saw some really amazing turtles and threw grapes at them.

Nine hundred year old turtles have pink fleshy tongues and LOVE to chomp on grapes!! They also have amazing legs and faces. We could NOT get over them and how prehistoricly amazing they were. I so desperately want to have a conversation with one. Is that weird?

Another weird thing about these turtles is that they live in the 'Graveyard of Decay' which features various materials in cages with tombstones announcing how long it takes each one to biodigrate. There should be a sign that says 'Turtles. 1500 years'.

Seriously, one of them pooped and the Dead Sea Scrolls came out.

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