Pictures of Philly

M: "Do you wanna do some mushrooms?"
E: "Are they low carb?!?!?"

Kerry's speech was hype so Mike took off his shirt and went nuts.

His slogan, "Sure dude....america" became the triumphant battle cry of the evening.

Quentin said he was invigorated by the speech but this picture doesn't really convey that I guess.

We went over to Kurt's and Peppermint was hanging in the studio. Yay!

Kurt's youngest, Karger!

Aerroll took this picture of Kurt, hence the weird 5yr old perspective.

Aerroll was all up on this fence. There was lots of standard issue playground equipment around but obviously this fence was the rellest!

Oh shit girl! Was Quentin *so* invigorated by Kerry's speech that he delivered a horsekick to his girlfriend Dana's thigh? Nah, apparently this display of "democracy" was merely a fall on the stairs.

DOGS. This dog was abused as a child and has a janky knee and this crazy face! So sweet.

Tayt went swimming twice on Saturday then got to enjoy a patriotic popsicle.

Okay dudes.....america.

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