Emesis Meetsus Linoleum

I think I mentioned this bad idea we had a few weeks ago about giving away Jaegz to everyone who came in to the 'Migo. And since "everyone" was kinda like.... me, I got "into a bad space" you know?

Here is little evidence to the contrary.

Starts off "ho-hum" enough. I mean, I'm always delighted to see Ali. He's one of my favorite dudes...

Why is this shit so popular with goths by the way? Does anyone know the answer to this "pon'drie"?


Don Cash, Ali...

K I am already bored with captions... Blah blah blah. The following is like...me getting OOC, making kinda a weird first impression on Irene.... Dave, Mandy, Mikey, whoevs. Good times. Out of commission the next day like a total teen. That was an accident.

Aaaaand, that's about it. Pretty boring. Sars about that.

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