i'm moving on with your life.

Sorry champs

Life has grabbed me by my massive cans and taken me for a ride.

First of all I am a HERO at a local hospital where I work on the FRONTLINES in the BATTLE against SARS which is not at all MADE UP or a TOTAL PUBLICITY HOAX. Then I went away for the weekend with my amazing boyfriend and pals and we swam in the hotel pool, sampled the cuisine of Belleville, and got Wilcoxed.

The next day was spent playing on the beach at Sandbanks Provincial Park in Picton. We swam in the lake, tossed the pigskin around, ate snacks, got sunburned, splashed in the lake some more and Mike and I tied our bathing suits to a Nerf football so they wouldn't get lost and we could be "free."

I slept a lot upon returning. Dehydration is a hallucinogenic? Yes. Today I bought a digital camera in the sweltering jungles of Etobicoke, got Taco Bell and went to work where my coworkers and I made dumb jokes and I drew a picture of a yeti.

As I was leaving work to ride the streetcar home and the sun was all going down and making stuff all warm and pretty I realized- 'shit, I can't remember a time where I was more happy' but instead of letting that little tidbit bring me down (since I am moving in 2 weeks) I was like hey! i have spent 22 years avoiding reality why start acknowledging it now? And speaking of 22 years- my birthday is Friday, July 18th. I'll be 23. You owe it to me baby- you owe it to yourself.....

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