Company Flow.

The video from last night is priceless. Dale dancing in a girl's bathing suit while others busted rhymes, Dennis getting all mad, Greg freestyling on the balcony, Papa Ceo's, K-Rock and I having girl chat, Sebastien and Kevin's paper airplane race and of course, BEERWOLF.

At one point I was laughing so hard that I seriously wasn't getting enough oxygen and i just fell over and was trying to hold my face together with my hands.

After all this insanity came to an end, me, marq, greg and tc went to Marq's to watch The Idiots- but it was a really poor copy and the subtitles proved too much for me to handle so I passed out to have some NIGHTMARES instead!

They've left me with this sort of "evil is brewing" feeling that makes me not want to leave the house. Oh well.

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