coming clean?

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i was going to make this some longwinded mopey piece about how sometimes coming clean with somebody is both liberating and, in some ways, binding, but I just stepped outside to get a Fresca and it's too incredibly beautiful out, which, for Canada, means it's not hailing and there is this glowing orange orb in the sky that radiates heat.

Recently at Home Hardware I bought one of those paint/rust remover discs. You just pop the little thing into your cordless drill, don't exceed more than 3500 rpm and yr good to go, so I'm going to derustify my bike, slap some new paint on and ride downtown. yay! Just in time to have class with my favorite mental incapacitent!! yesss! I feel "a great weight has been lifted" and this time it's not my tits. roar! don rickles! recently bid on/purchased on eBay:

Vintage Lot-22 NATIONAL LAMPOON 1976-1978 National Lampoon Special Issue Spring 1976 Collection of 1950's Tyrolean Patches & Pins

I'm moving May 1st. People get ready!

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