in fucked company...

So tuesday night I was still in New York and too many options were presenting themselves to me. There was stuff happening at Other Music, there were Canadians in town, there was an Alex Tween who was VERY LATE in meeting me, there was a My Morning Jacket show I wanted to see, there was the Fucked Company party i was on the list for...

So yeah, Alex and I went to the FC party. We were excited that it would be like the "old days" on Silicon Alley. Like we'd be talking to well-dressed Ivy-leaguers and gazing lovingly into the screens of our PDAs.

We were so wrong. We totally didn't understand the crowd at all. When I am the most "lady-like" person in a room- you KNOW it's dire. It was all like .. dudes from Long Island and a bunch of rock sluts. Not a decent haircut in the entire club. Pud, the Fucked Company dude himself, had his band play. They were some variety of metal wankery. I couldn't tell if it was in earnest...or just boring. Alex leaned over and said, "Um... this band needs more irony"

Our drinks were $9.

I shook Pud's hand and chatted for a sec and then we left and went to Corner Bistro. It was the best part of the evening, but still no My Morning Jacket. Oh well.

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