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Next entry: my newly acquired Olympic Fever (let's talk about Paul Hamm)

But first? Some photographic evidence.

Sometimes I like to start the evening out with a picture in front of my computer. Put everything in perspective, you know?

I set the camera on top of a silver car in williamsburg, hence the white blast. Pay attention to the new shoes but ignore the hip/waist region- I am 2 years pregnant.

I didn't even think I was going to go out Saturday night but then I did because Deirdre was like "Come kill time with me." We killed about 6 drinks worth of time before Alex and Cecilia came and picked us up and we went to Daddy's. Celia had bought some of those babybel cheeses and made herself this totally frightening wax nose.

In fact, when she first put it on and turned to face me and Deirdre with both full-on SCREAMED. Huh?

Alex looks repulsed! What must Celia have been talking about? Who knows- Deirdre and I were too busy being retarded...

And there you have it.

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