Pants down, Whalers up!

Hello many fans out there! Your autographed 8x10s are waiting for you! Please just give your address to my people....

My weekend was pretty bonerific. It started with bus drivers asking for my phone number, explored some "meeting-strangers-from-the-internet"-territory* , brought the fun barometer down at the OCAD ball on Saturday, and just about scraped zero at Kaleidoscope, was brought up almost too quickly at Massimos pizza directly afterward. Stayed pretty awesome through my stay at Beth's house, got slightly more radical upon eating at Tacos el Asador Sunday "morning" and then got lamer as I TTC'ed it up all the way home.

Some reading, napping, bathing and organizing recipes filled out the rest of the times and I'd give all those activities a 7.3

Sunday evening was spent grocery shopping with my landlord at 3am and then going for chinese food. He told the checkout lady at Dominion we were married but she was very confused with our separate grocery bills, different last names and John told her i never cooked for him. When he went to go get something else she asked me if my husband was in the Armed Forces. I said he used to be, but I could tell she wanted to know just what the fuck is his problem now.. so I just said " Um.. now he's a .. a photographer!"

*okay. he's not really a stranger...he's just "new"'s my pal James! We got pizza. We "peeled and revealed" and won the opportunity to spend not only more money at Pizza Pizza but also at Blockbuster video! Wow. I love um... winning.

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