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04 November 2001

It's been a pretty nice weekend- and it's not over yet. I've got about 26 days left.

Friday I went to see Rockets Red Glare play at the Rivoli and it was megarad! mega even! And Craig was there and Katie was there, and Allison and we gossiped and I spoiled the mood by talking about my dumb medical problem which probably isn't even that serious anyway. But yeah, afterwards Craig had this brilliant idea that we should go practice while all our pals went to the Red Room to drink more. Here is how that went.

Craig: So like, do you wanna play bass?
me: Well, I'll like HOLD the bass.
Craig: Oh. why?
me: Well, it's just that I don't really PLAY bass. Do you have a guitar in here?
Craig: There might be one upstairs...
me: I wish I had my keyboard
Craig: Um... do you wanna play drums?
me: I can play drums but like.. you've heard me play drums
Craig: Hmmmm...
me: This is gay.
Craig: Do you wanna just go to the Red Room?
me: Yes!!

So we went there and i let people smoke all my cigarettes and then Craig hailed me a cab and I felt all like "Hi my name is Charlotte I have a bunch of Jack Russell terriers and like, 1200 pillows on my bed" but like, fuck, it takes me about an HOUR to get home if I take TTC and I was all alone and a bit drunk so whatever. I mean, I ASKED if anyone was venturing west...

Last night was the final BlowUp at the Elmo and I had the honour of checking everyone's coats. ha. It was packed and I made MAD dollas but ...man, how come all the WRONG people hit on me and say stuff like "why aren't you in my life?..." "you give me butterflies in my stomach..." etc.

Hello! There are like a bunch of people that I would really enjoy hearing cheesy crap like that from! That's the way it always is though. Schoolyard to graveyard.

But last night people also came up and told me really nice things in a totally non-sexual context and that was rad because I didn't have to feel completely uncomfortable and like I needed to run away and blind myself. Yeah um.. I guess I don't take compliments super-graciously.


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