Return of the Almighty Beerwolf.

Here is the entry that I MEANT to do on Sunday but wanted to wait until I had some photos to accompany it.
Saturday, these two people got married.

Helena is from Sweden and Kevin is from Missisauga. Those are both countries. Sweden is where Ikea comes from and Mississauga is um... well they have a Krispy Kreme there and you can bowl until pretty late.

This is Karen, the oft-mentioned Dale Ronson, and myself. I swear. Sometimes I look so cute I just want to keep pictures of myself as pets, watch them lap milk from tiny bowls and play with scraps of yarn. Seriously!

Dennis and Jesse are brothers. Sure, one of them is chinky? But that's just 'cause their mom is a slut. Whoa. I just dissed 2 moms with one sentence. I fuckin rip so hard sometimes. This photo makes me want to smoke crack.

Just because that last paragraph was so mean and unnecessary, here is a picture of me looking like the retardedest , drunkenest drunk retard ever. Look! My neck won't support the weight of my own stupid head! It's like a globe of retardation is just hovering in-... yeah you get the idea.

I like this photo. That's why I supersized it. We all look pretty tough but I have no idea why i am attempting to hail a taxi on the porch. More on this later.

Congratulations Kevin and Helena!!!!!!

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