Here Comes Another Day

Today I spent the morning looking for a job from the comfort of my bed, then I got some file ready for March Records from the comfort of my bed, got all my grocery shopping done... from the comfort of my bed. But so then i kinda wanted to take a shower, was foiled in my attempt to take a shower from the comfort of my bed -and instead used the upstairs bathroom (first time ever!). It's like another world up there.

Dale came home and he, karen and myself took a little neighborhood stroll and found this crazy old wall and some icicles and other uninteresting things.. Like one of our numerous crackhouses or homeless shelters. (which are just crackhouses with soup).

The History Channel is running their "Week of Terror" which is a series about terrorism through the eyes of the terrorists so it is quite good. Oh but it's narrated in a very anti-terrorism way which is kind of annoying as the whole point is... you get the idea.*

Anyway, they get to their segment about FARC in Columbia and they're showing the FARC fighters around these fancy SUVs and they have sweet uniforms and so many guns and these rad bridges they made and the coolest camo hats ... and I sat and thought about something for a while before uttering this brilliance to Dan and Dale...

"Wow.. you know.. I was gonna ask "Shit! where do they get their MONEY?? " But then I remembered from that commercial during the Superbowl, they get it from us smoking pot!"

We laughed. Or at the very least, I did.

*if you do not get the idea please email me or leave a comment and i will explain the idea to you.

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