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<12:04 p.m.> MarchFIRST?

So I've got ten days to find an apartment, pay them first and last, pack my shit and get the hell outta here. Oh and getting a job might be a good idea too.

Last night I went to a little soiree at Michael's house where I watched him drunkenly throw the mack down on not one, not two, but THREE girls- one of whom I had the displeasure of finding in some sort of tender kissy moment. whoops. It's not like I'm "upset" per se, by such activity- I just find that it's... makes things awkward and I would hate also to think that it's intentional. The same way Mike used to bring up girls that had stayed over at his house because he thought I would be jealous. *sigh* I cannot stress this enough- DO NOT FUCK WITH ME. He's like this negatively charged ion.

So I left at around 2 and went to the Cloak and Dagger to see who was there. Davy was just finishing his set and Johnny and Davy and Stu and James were there. Davy wasn't mad that I forgot about work on Saturday either and I was really afraid he would be. la la la. And Jason Gibner is coming to visit me today! All the way from Michigan! yay!! And I don't have to work saturday! yay again. trip to New York was fun enough I guess. I got to see my grandma on Easter and then I stayed over at her house that night and we cut patterns and fabric to make me dresses. It was really nice because I haven't really spent any time alone with my grandma since i was a little kid. She told me about this letter she got saying she only has a year or two to live and how she's, obviously, really fucked up by it. (she didn't employ the word 'fuck', natch)

Monday night I hung out with my cousin jared and we went up to Inwood and smoked mass weed and played with his new digital camcorder and I gorged myself on power bars and kool-aid. Oh and my mom bought me tons of clothes and that, my friend, is awesome.

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