America, let's DO this thing!

Today is a great day in American History! I, for one, just exercised my right to vote and boy are my arms tired! Now, it would be imprudent to discuss who I voted for, but would it suffice to say I do not wish to "stay the course"!?

And now, a simulcast from my "urban copywriter" blog:
I just VOTED, dawgs! Stone cold and str8 up! After momentary consideration paid to the candidate from the "RENT TOO HIGH" party, I str8 up flik-flakked WORKIN FAM'LIES like quick snap all the way down and pulled the lever, y'all! Now, I ain't s'pose be flappin ma jaw over ma precise selectionz- but I'm tryin to keep you in the lizzoop for rizzeal, z'all.

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