Fishtown Shorty

So Mikey flew into town on Jan 30th and it was a little bit like this:

Complete with short-sleeve blazer and deirdre managing to take a picture despite hot pink fake nails. You can take the girl out of the Bronx, but you can't take the Bronx out of the girl. We hung out at Shout and had great times with my signature drink- the vodka soda.

No, trust me, it's better this way.

The next night Mike and I went out to see the Forms and yapped with Cecilia for a long time on such entertaining topics as this dude we knew from highschool being totally addicted to putting this stick of Old Spice deoderant up his ass and sometimes into girls' orifices on days he was "straight." Years later there was a rumour he was shot in Budapest but it turned out to be false. Not like that Old Spice story.

Anyway, here is a picture of Brendan and Jackson.

They're twins. But one plays righty, one plays lefty. So they're like a mirror image.

On wednesday we took the bus to Philly to visit the Fishtown pals and get vaporized. Kurt came and met us at Mike Walker's house.

Quentin came too! He brought along the rough draft of the new Mazarin record artwork and it looks rad.

We were stone cold takin' it easy with Angus the ice-eating dog.

Then we decided to go to Johnny Brenda's and Quentin decided to make some drunk tard with a mini basketball net on his head EAT THE FLOOR! The guy kept being hella annoying, all shouting and coming over to our table and making fun of Mickey and Quentin's scarves and parkas. Quentin may HAVE a hippy beard- but he doesn't ACT like he has a hippy beard. He totes flipped this guy across the room in a most excellent fashion.

The next day we spent the afternoon at Kurt's house with his three amazing children. More on that later.

Happy Birthday CECILIA!!!!!

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