I WILL take a life

Okay. Here is the first batch of Canadian Invasion pictures. Last night we went to a fun party in Bushwick and met other drunk people. But for now....

Dale had to visit the midget ATM, then we went to Jones Cafe while Adam wandered around the east village with an amazing map I drew. We bought some CDs. Between the two of us:

Animal Collective
White Magic
Les Savy Fav- Inches
Masters of the Hemisphere - last show ever
K-48 comp
Tigerbeat 6 's Paws Across America

Girl, you've just won the W. 21st St TRIKE-A-THON, what are you going to do now? Whatever you want until the press finds out you took performance enhancing drugs.

Adam and Dale chose this spot next to a slumbering bum to enjoy their coffees. I had a pretty decent view from my apartment window but was unable to capture his waking quote, "I have one life, I live it alone- I could really use a beer"

Later that night we went to Maxwells to see Lilys play. Chris was mass drunk and I remembered why we called him Mumbles when I was 16. But Jeff Patlingrao was in the house so that owned! He is moving to LA to take over Elliott Smith's studio!

Kurt was really sick and played the show sitting down. Old man!

I guess Dale found this flag (well found it attached to someone's home or garden) and walked around with it for a while. I know- rivetting stuff. The next entry will be better?

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