Tuesday is the new Friday.

This tuesday was my cousin Jared's graduation recital at Juilliard where he has been banging on things for the past 6 years and will soon have a Masters from.

Before the performance, the rest of my family and even some randoms, had dinner uptown- a place I never venture to unless someone is not only asking, but also paying.

Below is a clip from my cousin's first piece as "composed" by John Cage.


Yeah. I guess when you've spent over 100G's on a musical education you can act like Corky in front of a room full of people.


The one-man-band did NOT fall out of fashion alongside palazzo pants, koosh balls and betamax. If this performance had taken place in Grand Central and not Lincoln Center I'm sure my cousin could have made at LEAST 9 dollars.


Holy shit. I don't know what to say about that last one other than 'Jared doesn't smoke rock, because he obviously doesn't have to.'

After the performance I went out to drinks with a bunch of music school nerds but wanted to go home and talk to Mikey... so I did! Then I went to sleep and had some sex dream about a moderately famous comedic actor whose name rhymes with Blichael Schmowalter. It ripped.

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