Death and Hollywood

So pals-

First of all, one of me grandads died. You can learn about him here. Don't sign his guestbook, sign mine. I probably don't have to tell you that, but I did anyway.

I'll be in Vancouver this weekend for his memorial.

Mike and I went to see Inside Man last night and it was pretty rad- though I kinda figured out what was in the box pretty fast based on the dude's age/steez. Mike also noted in the opening sequence that 1948 seemed pretty late to be founding a bank. He also enjoyed the performance by Jodie Foster's legs, though we both wished they had explained just what it is her character was/did. Hope that um ... "synopsis" didn't contain any spoilers! You should check it out! It features some good Spike Lee-isms like when Denzel glides mass fast over to the bank door. Anyway. It was deece.

Is it Clive Owen week? I guess so- because Mike and I also recently rented Derailed. Now, I totally gave this one the quadruple "pfffffft" before we put it in because I figured Mike just wanted to pop a boner to Aniston's bobble-headed fake-jew thing. But I thought it slayed! Total non-stop thrillz! I thought it was going to give me nightmares but the way it ends-- well, it's good. No nightmares followed. Seems every few years dudes need to be reminded about how gnarly shit can get when you cheat on your pretty wife. No boiled rabbits here, but a wicked performance by the RZA.

K! Hope you enjoyed my review skillz.

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