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So it's wednesday because it's late but I'm still going to call it tuesday. I'm going to see my mommy after "two sleeps" as my wee sister used to say....

Today I did absolutely nothing...and so did my best friend! Yes...deirdre and I have talked for about 9 hours today....culminating of course, in the creation of this The Best of Deirdre Obviously it is still in it's test stages and will be moved soon enough and I'll adjust the link because I am conscientious like that.

So I made a list in my little Fred Flare book that I keep all my web related shit in. It goes like this.

Do laundry / clean apt. / throw out smelly things, NOW magazines / shave legs / pack / pay rent / feed Cleo and Little Hitler / leave note for John / finish letter to Chris (while doing laundry perhaps?)/ put up "decent" illustration site (as opposed to current porno one that is up secret) / rip off that Japanese guy / draw more...on paper / get new silkscreening stuff / make artbox page / make flash 'ed poll' for daddy / Call Marawan at Oxygen Design.....

Not necc. in that order. I very slowly killed a bug today. I also managed to mail a package, pay a phone bill, scrub the toilet, take a shower, and dry off in the sun in an Old Navy bikini, reading Cheever with Cabbage Patch Kid sunglasses on. Sip the life. Sip. the. life.

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