Cut off their Hands. Smash their Powerbooks.

Yesterday I spent some time in a bookstore with my mom and I remembered why I prefer to buy books on the internet.

It's because I don't have to look at books by women!

Is there any way, that if Bush gets re-elected he can amend the constitution to revoke a woman's right to publish books? How about just until they can stop talking about shopping, casual sex, dying alone, marrying well, high heels and dieting?

And if the subject matter weren't enough to make me hang myself from the shower rod with shame for being a woman, the covers are enough to make me slash my wrists with shame as a graphic designer. GIVE ME A GIGANTIC BREAK. The Devil wears Prada? Sucks that the devil stopped being cool in 1998. And the shooting of poisonous bacteria into the face? Let's reserve that privilege for P.O.W.s okay?

That's all. Thanks,
Elizabeth Mann (wears Marc Jacobs)

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