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I think all my problems in life are caused by one thing. And that one thing is I can't decide whether I want to be a dirtbag or a girl with 4 jack russell terriers who serves on the board of 12 different philanthropy organizations.

Does anyone else have this problem?

I think I'm just in a rut right now. For a number of reasons. Also, I "quit" smoking about a month ago. "This time for REAL!!" and already I'm like "I hate life, why am I trying to prolong it by eliminating something I actually enjoyed?" I really can't think of anything. Dirtbag mode?

But what about the CHILDREN? And my 4 bedroom home in rural Virginia? And eating organic and vacationing in St. Croix? And driving a late-model hybrid Volvo with 18 airbags??

Does anyone in New York smoke pot anymore? Can they leave me a message? K thanks.

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