I need a haircut. among other things.

Holy shit bros! Tuesday night was amazing. For once I am at a loss for words so use your imagination. Oh but one of the things was Alex and I provided the sickest 15 minutes of audio entertainment ever! Hot Traxxx!

Okay I can't even keep a straight face now.

I'll insert a picture here or something even though I have no interest in pictures of myself right now seeing as I am fat as a horse (who has another horse growing inside her.) And maybe one growing outside her! Like a tumor- but also very much like a horse.

Wednesday night made my bullshit-o-meter spin like a top, so I came home and placed a very important phone call and the next thing you know I was a frisky schoolgirl bent over my english teacher's desk for the 45 minutes between Bio and Christian Ethics. That's right- I called your dad.

Shittiest entry ever. And now?

Should I join the Rollerderby League?
Yes. That's hot. You seem like the scrappy type.
No. You'll get killed. No one likes a girl with bruised thighs and boobs
Maybe you should wait until you get medical insurance?
eBeth makes the best cookies and cakes! Go eBeth! Total survey wrecking answer!!!
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