Best Tuesday Ever!!!

Today has shredded so far and will continue to shred hard once I get home.

First of all, it is my half-birthday. If you don't know what a half-birthday is, flex your brain muscles for 2 seconds and try this weight on for size: I am 24 and a half years old today, dickface! Dig it!

In other news I get to hand in my time card in half an hour which means I will get totally paid on Friday. Word!

And best of all, Cheryl is coming over later and bringing a liquid mountain of alcohol. Do you know all about Cheryl and her God-given gift? Well my hair will be happy to tell you all about it. That's right- later on this evening, the most skilled cutter of hair in North America will work her magic on the most-coveted hair on the internet. I would film the entire thing but no one would honestly care.

After that? We roll to APT to hang out with my friends Andrew Andrew! Could my life get any more radical? Hello?! I am in love with a tall and lanky Canadian!

Alright dudes! That's it! I hope you are all planning something big for Black History Month!

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