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Friday, July 13, 2001
<08:59 p.m.>

So it's Friday the 13th so I am not leaving the house... although I might go to 7-11 to get a fruut cooler. After work yesterday I came home and napped and then went to meet Craig and surprise, we went to the Cloak and Dagger. Then Pat and Tom showed up and scared Craig away. We went to Shawn MacDonald's new thing at Lava Lounge and non one was there but I got free beer. so blah blah blah...we finally leave and get Amato and I get on the streetcar back to the west end. So as we're coming up past Roncesvalles the streetcar driver asks me where I'm going.

"Oh, just up to the station"

"Oh I meant after that."

"Oh well I have to take the Jane night bus to like... Runnymede... I think it leaves the bottom (industry term) on the nines and 42s... "

"Yeah that sounds about right," he says... but then as we get close to the corner he points and starts laughing "Hey, look at that!!!" That, of course, was my bus leaving the station.

"Shit! Oh my God, that sucks, I have no cash either, is there an ATM around here?" but the guy didn't know...

"Tell you what, I can circle this thing around and take you down to Ronces, then get you up to Runnymede but then I gotta get back..."

"Wait, so where does that leave me?," I ask, before catching on..."oh! you've got a car or whatever?" Uh.. yeah. So he turns the streetcar around, takes it to the junction and tells me to wait 5 minutes while he does TTC-type shit. Of course, being fantastically adorable on a street corner in Parkdale has it's disadvantages. he-hem. So I'm standing there and this black fancy Jeep thing pulls up. I had my discman on so I wasn't really paying attention but the dude said something to me so i thought maybe it was my driver pal and went over to the window. It wasn't...but he did have one of those video navigation things in there. "Hey, wanna come back to my place?"

My first reaction was "I'm with Metro Toronto, why don't you get the fuck outta here pal" and watch him jet.. but I just said "Um...I'm not a prostitute, I'm just waiting for my pal that drives a streetcar." He apologized and drove away.

Finally, my streetcar friend showed up and yeah, he drove me home.... because I missed my bus. And he wasn't creepy or rude or asking me anything weird. We talked about streetcars and flight attendants and the west end. We talked about Hells Angels. And it made me really, really happy.

And I didn't even have a hangover at work today. And I found out that fucking RYAN from BLOW-UP is like.. my BOSS. hahahahahahahahha!

Here is my "ad of the day" from my never-dull place of employment....

About the photo... This was taken about a year ago at a 72 ounce steak eating contest (I lost).

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