Every rose has its thorn

hey dudes!

I just got back from a little trip to Philly to see my pals and some kids and dogs. Wanna see pictures? Rad! Come back tomorrow because I'm at Deirdre's!

I made myself a semi-retarded Dinosaur Jr. shirt and then I'm wearing some shorts, a navy blazer and heels. Sometimes I think that maybe I dress totally retarded and should probably just ride a unicycle and get it over with.

Mostly I feel like this when I am stoned. I look in the mirror and think ..."are these clown clothes? am i in the circus?"

Holy shit- Deirdre just handed me a strawberry nesquik, lime juice and vodka. WE.ARE.ASSHOLES. But check it- it totally beats vodka with 'Sprite-the remix' (as was mentioned in my Vancouver entry)

We are going out soon for ultimate retardation so i'll leave you alone. Go back to MILFhunter.com I guess.

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