A stiff finger to the Adam's apple and you eat death.

A.R.E. Weapons was bangin. A party is not fully amped till Greg or Suzy ends up in the hospital and they BOTH did- so, let that be the yardstick....

Last night was good times too. Went over to Dennis' new crib and he showed me and my withering lungs all manner of flora they keep over there on Dupont. Interesting specimens to be sure. We then ventured down to Country Stranger to say hello to Mike and take in some ambience and alcohol. If the sounds of Stompin Tom or Willie had mellowed us we had the brisk walk (okay, cab ride) over to the El Mocambo to see Death From Above to invigorate us.

I was glad to see that people *will* stick around for a 1am set and hopefully those "people" are glad as well. After there set ended I turned around to find Mike walking towards me. I guess Country Stranger was a bust so he got to leave early. Fine by me- he hadn't seen DFA before and now he has.

We gave Dennis a ride home then drove around Toronto's nether regions for a while before going back to his house. (I had never been to Cherry Beach before but I am baby and scared of the dark and was getting Son of Sam vibes. I know... "she's no fun" ) ...

I have to look for some actual employment now. *audible groan*

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