Here is a mountain of photos.

Early October. Mike takes his LSATs conveniently close to the TRACK. I won $25 pretty much walking through the door of this place. Juss sayin.

Do you like the way I just, oh I don't know, accidentally captured this horse mid-gallop? I thought you might.

Extreme joy, followed by extreme sadness. I thought I'd take Mike to Woodbine racetrack to help him better understand my life as a manic depressive.

You know. Grass, sun, hair.

K, cool, see ya! I have to go to New York now to hang with Deirdre and watch her make out with norms and fall out of vans and stuff. Deirdre left her cell in the van (during stooper) so I kept it and she got a million texts from her friend-that-I-can't -stand, and I replied to them, hinting I had kidnapped Dee and was "pirating her flesh" beforing getting so bored with the banter i just called him a dildo and ignored the rest.

But I digress.

Also- sincerest props (short for properties) to Alex "Tween Taxi" Tween for picking me up at Newark airport. And thanks to my mom for all types of homecoming snacks.

Moving on.

What's up, the grandparents? Watched any good episodes of Matlock lately?

My grandparents are (clearly) still alive so that rules, and they live in a place called LEISURE VILLAGE. What a relaxed sounding vista of an otherwise horrendous part of New Jersey! I am sort of a pituitary giant compared to them but c'est la vie. oui ou non- merci beaucoup maintenant? le lapin. je suis tres bien...parce-que...quelquefois! fromage! There. Sorry- just wanted to see how long it would take me to type out all the French I remember from highschool- and the answer is "about 14 seconds with 98% accuracy."

(However- if you enjoyed the above composition, I will sell it to you as 'outsider poetry' for $30. Paypal only pls.)

But seriously folks- do your grandparents eat all this shit??? This is your basic countertop at my grandparents' house!! How are they so goddamn old when they pretty much live on Butterfingers, cured meats and Ritz crackers???

And no, they are NOT expecting trick-or-treaters, they live in a goddamn retirement community.

Goddamn wooden silhouettes of dogs!! I could have sworn it was real! There is not a whole lot to do at Leisure Village, so I hammed it up. I heard you like ham (sorry Jews and Muslims!)

Raced back into New York cuz i heard Graham Smith was playing at Tonic with a FULL BAND for the first time in like 4 years! Here I am ...managing to hold it down, hanging with total rock hero GRAHAM SMITH. Nice face!!

Okay. Group shot with friends and randoms, bit of the double-chin but otherwise seemingly holding it down...

Then...I entered....


Dunno what happened really.

I ...yeah, I dunno. Too much one or the other or both, or something else entirely I guess.

Maybe roofies. Maybe rabies. Who can say? Only Jesus can judge, girl, only Jesus can judge!

Whoops. Deirdre and Celia are still "holdin' it down", while I was near "throwin' it up" and "blackin' it out"

Oh and one more thing-

He taught me more than that....

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