I'm OK, You're KO.

Sorry I've been away for so long, friends! I was in Canada visiting my boyfriend's dick!

But before that, I got to spend some time here in New York with one of my favorite people who I never see- so in case you have been visiting my diary for the past 3 years in hopes that you will one day get to see Graham Smith playing guitar in a dress, well then I guess this will be like how Catholics feel on Easter.

Speaking of Catholics, my mom and I were walking home from DeRobertis bakery tonight carrying some cookies whose Italian name translates to "Bones of the Dead."

Me: What the FUCK? Deathbones? Who names this stuff?

Mom:Well I figured maybe if they were SEASONAL they might represent something, but he said they have them all the time.

Me:Cookies that celebrate the dead? Any dead- or just Jesus?

Mom: I have no idea. All I know is that Catholics are like .... one degree from Voodoo.

Now back to our regularly scheduled, non-ADL inciting drivel....

Here is Eva, Claire and Dennis at the Death from Above show at Cinecycle on March 5. Dennis got sick of being "just Chinese" so now he's also Rambo.

That would be a picture I took at the aforementioned show of Jesse F.(ucking) Keeler who now rocks 2 keyboards, bringing the total amount of instruments Jesse is responsible for during a DFA live show to 3. Sebastien is still playing drums and singing but I heard a rumor he is going to get a musical tattoo that also plays drums and sings. Did she just say he's going t- ? Yes.

And finally....

Where did my massive breasts go? I don't know- but check out this massively adorable kitten that Dennis got. Not only is she too small to fully induce a terrorist allergy attack on me but she has the best name.

Are you ready??



Stay tuned for an entire website dedicated to Laserbeam videos.

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