Joe Somebody.

15 December 2001

So I know I've been going on about my lack of action, and current 'fuck hunt' and everything... or maybe I haven't really been elaborating on here but, people who know me in real life have seen enough of my drunk drawings of 'sexual aids' on drink coasters, believe you me.
Anyway, as it turns out. I don't think it was sex I really wanted after all. I think I wanted something else. Maybe I wanted sex with someone new or maybe I just wanted snuggling or flirting or *okay get ready*, love. Whatever I wanted, I still haven't gotten it.

Now I'm going over to Pat and Tom's house. Dear little lads that they are, I don't think I'll find it there either. But, you know, they've got NBA Jam.

june 12 2002P.S. The original P.S. that appeared here was so extremely cheesy that my need to preserve things the way they are was eliminated by my need to not appear totally lame. Anyway. I saw some boy i thought was really cute. And now, the rest of the original --->He plays drums for Sufjan Stevens and his name is Joe and he lives in New York. This is all that I was able to gather up on the painfully adorable boy considering I couldn't actually, you know, TALK to him or anything. So, if any of you know who I am talking about... then go be totally 5th grade and tell him "hey man, my friend is sweet on you" and just maybe he will know who you are talking about and he'll come to my house and we can take a nap on the couch forever.

xoxoxox goodnight

june 12 2002 the art of the first impression? not lost on me! ha.

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