law breaker!!! i am a L.A.W. B.R.E.A.K.E.R. !!

So Monday night Allison comes over and we were gonna rock like rock was new and were doing so until Allison developed some weird hives and we decided to rock over to 7-11 to get some Benadryl (and a slurpee or two) we are walkin down my street and we spot a "suspicious character" in the parkette on my block.

We venture forth, quietly and head up to Runnymede and Dundas W. Now on the far corner from me is a police car in the 'Sev parking lot. As I am crossing south over Dundas, All says "Oh you can tell the cop about the suspicious character!" and I say "oh yeah!" and begin my shuffling. Anyway. Here is the ticket I got.

TOMORROW: the drunken email I sent about the incident and the sage advice of my father.

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