Slight Misunderstanding

So my mom and I were just hanging around in her room and I was flipping through the Daily News because I'm really highbrow.

Me: Whoa. What the fuck, Strom Thurmond had some bastard kid?

Mom: Yeah yeah. She came out of the woodwork at 80.

Me: (noting that the daughter has like 8 names) Is she BLACK?

Mom: Well yeah. Of course.

Me: What??

Mom: Well Strom THURMOND'S black.

Me: Are you fucking joking? Do you know who Strom Thurmond is?

Mom: The senator?

Me: (points to picture of Strom Thurmond.) Yeah. That's him. Not only is Strom Thurmond not black- he was 110 and still called people nigger and stuff.

Mom: Oh. Then who am *I* thinking of? (pause) Thurgood Marshall! That's who I'm thinking of. Sorry.

Holy shit. So glad we cleared that up before Black History month begins.

Just to recap:
Thurgood Marshall: well-known figure in the history of civil rights in America and the first Black Supreme Court Justice.

Strom Thurmond: the longest-serving member of the upper house of Congress, senator for one fifth of the entire history of the United States, professional prehistoric racist, looked like some kind of animal (can't really tell which kind)

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