Why do people even bother arguing with me?

So for those of you that don't know: I work at this porn site. In a technical capacity which entails my monitorring the chat rooms, answering phones, avoiding talk about stock fraud and fixing minor computer problems. Chatting for hours with people that pay lots of money to masturbate in front of their computers can be less than mentally challenging, due in no small part to that fact that I am conversing with ...the mentally challenged.

But tonight the chance arose to get in a huge fight with someone I used to be friendly with and who didn't know who he was talking to (at least I presume that's why he kept calling me 'JEW BOY')

The fight was about none other than that big pie in the sky, the fly guy we call G.O.D. I dont even know how the conversation started. Something porny. But if there are 2 things that go hand in hand its God and pussy. You feel me?

The chap in question said he was an athiest and I offered that maybe he should at least consider agnosticism in case he's playing the wrong side of the coin afterall. I mean. I find extremes on either end of the spectrum to be sort of ridiculous because seriously- we don't fuckin know.

Anyway, he kept saying God was invented to "hold us down" and "make us obey the rules" which is obviously at least half a load of bullshit since...there is a lot of rule breaking going on and like, 90% of prisoners will tell you they believe in God. And then it became a fight about war and a fight about science... and he told me to "keep dreaming" (jew boy) and that David Copperfield was my God and other such hackneyed crap just short of calling me a dummy and hiding my lunch.

Well. I mean. I'm really glad he is so into science. And that science is so infallible. I just hope he is as into it when nuclear weapons start being deployed. And luckily science comes with no set of values so you're free to marry a foreigner for money so they can get a green card. For instance.

I guess the 'opium of the masses' is pathetic and crutch-like when you are talking about God, but being a slave to a porno chat site and paying thousands of dollars to masturbate is totally normal. Churches have a collection box. Girls? Well they just have a box.

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