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Friends! Enemies! Strangers! Fishwives and Carnies..

As if things couldn't get more gay... they um... could.

My computer died. Maybe not forever. But for a while. If you know stuff about macs and know what to do to them when they can't boot themselves and just flash that adorable question mark on the screen ...well contact me. Telepathically I guess.

My mom says I am ovrewhelmed easily so I guess i have just been overwhleming the past few days. I watched a LOT of TV, I took a lot of baths in my new jacuzzi. I spent yesterday at Holt Renfrew with Karen.

I think I am getting a job at Williams Sonoma. This thrills me. So much.

Yesterday Dale and I were watching something on TV and they compared George Bush to Hitler. "If George Bush were like Hitler he'd be doing a way better job at killing jews." True, Dale. Very true.

I went out last night. It was fun and not at all overwhelming. Evidently I missed Mer by like 2 minutes. I must have still been drinking a Lone Star outside the church across the street. Criminy.

Two people told me I had soft hands last night. I moisturize!

I think I have eaten many many subs since we last spoke. Did yu know that Subway has just surpassed McDonald's as the #1 fast food chain in America?? I think that is so totally insane! But also great. Insanely great. Just like Apple computers. But not mine- which is INSANELY SUCKY.

Okay bye.

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